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From a simple need to give back to small conversations with great people around the world, Hands for Humanity has moved from idea to reality in a short time.  While the initial steps to incorporate have been completed we now have a number of milestones to achieve in order to receive our full non-profit status while also assuring our dream of hosting the first ever mission trip of the organization in 2020 is realized. 

Nicaraguan Mission - Nov 2019

As part of the journey two of the founders were blessed with the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua in support of an established mission program focused on giving back to the Nicaraguan community.   While the focus was initially on understanding the coordination and administrative side of mission work, the community they experienced with the various groups in attendance and local Nicaraguan people reinforced the belief in establishing the organization and changed the trajectory from a globe trotting group to one which will establish a partnership with one country while still working to support as many as possible across the globe.

High Fives
Board Established - Nov 2019

In the winter of 2019 the first discussions took place to form the board of directors which has now been finalized and implemented.  Each professionals in their own right, the board members bring unique perspectives from business, personal and faith to the group with the core focus of assuring the founding principals remain the driving philosophy behind Hands fro Humanity - providing an avenue for those of means to give back to those in need.

Colombia Partnership - Dec 2020

With the initial vision to support as many countries as we can through the organization; we received sage advice that establishing a partner country that is part of the focus to track progress would be imperative to validating the benefits realized in the local communities.  After a thorough evaluation process taking in to consideration geography, relationships and familiarity Colombia was selected as our "partner" or "home" country. 

World Peace
Incorporate - Jan 2020

With the support of 3rd party specialists, Hands for Humanity was incorporated on schedule in January 2020 enabling the next steps of achieving our non-profit status (501C) to move forward.

In Support of Children - Mar 2020

In addition to providing much needed support in the form of labor, education and engagement to the local communities; one of the core focuses will be in the support of children in the communities we service.  The focus of this program including the activities while in country and engagement before will be led through children themselves.

Children's Race
Empty Road
The road ahead
  • Finalize bylaws 

  • Establish 501C

  • Select partner non-profit in Colombia

  • Establish date of first mission trip

  • Start accepting volunteers

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